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Candy Cotton

Practitioners and Vendors 2023

Table order of participating vendors

1. Ruth Shelton - The Empirical Herbalist - A better life through herbs- makes organic herbal products- tinctures, teas, sprays and culinary spices and more.

2. Janet Edkins – Beads of Light - Wearable Healing Stone Jewelry. Cleared, blessed and Reiki infused to amplify natural properties for your highest and best good.


3. Richard Clear - Clear Tai Chi - We help curious students to unlock and use the Internal Power of Tai Chi for Health and Self-Defense.


4. Candy Barbee and Barbara Howell – Shaman’s Bridge – Crystals, gemstones, jewelry and Shaman tools.


5. Tammy Cormier – TLC Crystal Healing – Using crystal energies to help you create the life you want and to thrive in a whole new way.


6. Kim Messersmith – The Sound Spot - Get your chakra windows shined and uncover the real you. Experience the miracle of tuning fork clearings.


7. Delane Cody - Warriors of Light - Reiki and Archangelic Light Classes & Sessions/ Biofield Tuning Sound Therapy Sessions - conducting 15-minute Archangelic Light Sessions for $20.

 Rebecca Maze - Reflexology Restoration and Yoga - Becky will be conducting 10-minute reflexology sessions for $20 and 10 minute foot tens unit sessions for $5.


8. Elizabeth Clanton – Mindful Moments Healing Services – Mindful Moments Healing Services provides Sound Healing, Celestial Blue Star Energy Healing, and Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Healing Services and other workshops.


9. Kimberly Haliburda – Flapjack’s Curios – Medium, Psychic Intuitive, Usui Reiki, Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Life Coach and Past Life Reader.


10. Jennifer Stone - Multimodal Holistics – Reiki, Marconics, Quantum Hypnosis, Akashic Records, and Original Artwork.  Explore multiple modalities for a holistic approach to your healing and expansion.


11. Sam Travis – Wizards of Rock – Crystals, Sound Healing Tools & “Wizardly” accessories.


12. Lisa Campbell – One Energy – Energy healing through various connections. One Energy allows you to connect to your energy at its purest form.


13. Justice Weeks - Justice Weeks Holistic Healing - Reiki/ Energy Healing, Oracle cards, various chart interpretations, healing crystal beaded earrings & other crafts.

14. Michelle Leigh – Mystical Entertainment – Discover your future, past lives and your spiritual gifts. Informative and helpful information. Learn the secrets in your palm as well.


15. Theresa Richardson - Readings and Reiki - Intuitive Readings are a combination of intuition and Tarot.  Akashic Record Readings and Speed Clearing are also available.


16. Leslie Deatrick - The WiserheART Center for Healing, Communication, & Metaphysics - Offer empowering guidance and education for developing healthy relationships with the Self, Others, and the Divine.


17. Kristi LaFasto - Offering Intuitive readings with cards & mini-Reiki sessions. Creating a sacred space to inspire and heal.


18. Pamela Nine – Psychic Medium – Intuitive Counseling and Mediumship Sessions available.


19. Alma Ramsey – Intuitive Reader, Medium, Reiki Master, Reader & Healer - Offering readings for clear answers, spiritual guidance, and messages from your loved ones.


20. Betty Shreffler – Women’s Wisdom and Wellness – Holistic health practitioner and sound healer, vibrational tuning fork. Offering 20-minute sessions.


21. Kimberly Porch – Pottery Porch - Whimsical Handmade Pottery - Incense burners/holders, and garden art.

Consulting with KB - Tarot Readings.


22. Scarlet Darkwood – The Scarlet Mystic – Certified tarot reader who includes the mystical meanings of the cards for that added mystical touch. Includes light tarot coaching.


23. Jean Weeden – Psychic from the Stars – Psychic/Medium.


24. Karen Martin – Invite the ancient pictograph stones from near Ica, Peru to give you a message, healing, guidance or download of information.


25. Andrew Gladstone – 5th Generation Intuitive. Intuitive Tarot Readings available.


26. Sandy Hanshaw - The Sacred Owl and Salt Room  - Aura Photography, Spiritual Education, Halotherapy, Intuitive Readings, Reiki/ Energy Sessions, and Metaphysical Retail Products.


27. Center for Peace - Serving Personal Change, Transformation & Vision through dance, shamanic practice, sweat lodges, healing, chanting, fire ceremony & medicine wheel teachings.  


28. Linda Battani – Wellness Directions - Wellness Directions provides information on Stem Cell Activation to repair and regenerate the body to provide optimal health and longevity.


29. Melanie Channell - Heart Works - Numerology and tarot combination readings, I will be selling my books, handmade gemstone jewelry, and prayer beads.


30. Laura Carrington – Carrington Consulting - Get a live tarot reading or book your future tarot or astrology reading.

31. Gary Coppola - Spearman's Mystic Chemistry - Offering Tarot, I Ching, and Lenormand Oracle readings, Quantum Energy Healing, Yoga/Chi Kung instruction, Feng Shui consultations and space clearing.


32. Rev. L’Vereese Britten - Helping People discover their true life purpose by connecting with them on a soul level for accurate and sound advice.


33. Katharine Emlen – Creative Mind Publications – Affirmation chant magnets, kids empowerment book, Believe/Spiritual nature poetry cards.


34. Rachel Chamness - Sound Waves Heal, LLC – Rachel is a Master Trance Medium, Psychic Reiki Healing Master Teacher and Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healer.


35. Kimberly Barrett - Kimberly, Sharing Love and Light - Kimberly is a psychic medium, intuitive life path coach and quantum energy healer. Offering Intuitive Guidance Readings and Mediumship Readings.


36. Angelyn Nicholson - Color of Kismet – Color of Kismet creates essential oil blends to support you through personal transformation and into emotional growth and spiritual advancement.


37. Helen and Steve Clark - Clark’s Custom Creations - Crystal and sterling silver jewelry, chains, and cabochons.


38. Trish Crowley – Ascension Wellness and Yoga - Gemstones, Sage, Spirit animals, Smudge Spray, Lavender eye/neck pillows and Lamps. Also be offering Angelic and Mediumship readings.


39. Amanda Trout – Purple Sage Photography – Translate your energy into living color with aura photography. Aura & Chakra Photo Sessions starting at $30.


40. Amy Pass – Tattered Facet - Custom tarot/oracle deck wraps. Travel and standard tarot sizes available, custom orders can be made prior and picked up.


41. Bonnie Carter – Moon Spirit Arts – Paint your bodies energy with colors, symbols, angles, and animal spirit guides. With explanation of meanings and gifts.

Rev. Charles White – Qi gong energy healing take away your pain, release negative energy.


42. Patricia Krimmel – PhatRocks - PhatRocks strives to bring you the highest frequency minerals and crystals in the world to enhance your life.

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