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Lecture Schedule 2024 will be available closer to event date.

Lectures for 2023

All lectures are included in the admission price.
Note: Lectures are subject to change.

10:30 a.m. Michelle Leigh - Communicate with Animals - Find out what they are thinking and feeling.  And how to send them healing energy when needed.  If you have a picture of your pet she can give you some info about your animal.

11 a.m. Rachel Chamness from Sound Waves Heal is a Shamanic Channel & Mentor. This talk will be about how ordinary people can bring through extraordinary healing and messages from higher realms.


11:30 a.m. Scarlet Darkwood – Fool’s Journey – The difference between the Major and Minor Arcana cards, the Fool’s journey, and the overall mystical meanings of the Tarot.

12 p.m. Clear Tai Chi - Energy Healing is based on a practical set of skills that can be developed by anyone. Tai Chi Master Richard Clear will outline and demonstrate the Energy Healing techniques that are a part of Tai Chi training.

12:30 p.m. Theresa Richardson - The Heart is the Key: The heart is the doorway to the multidimensional self and the balance point of 5D experience.


1 p.m. Leslie Deatrick - "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..." Using metaphysical tools to daily check in with the wisdom of the Universe. Creating a sacred space to receive your intuitive guidance.    


1:30 p.m. Ruth Shelton - Roots: Their Magic and Medicine Before a plant sprouts a leaf or flower, they pour all their energy into growing a root, because without healthy roots they are not going to survive much less thrive. In this talk we will touch on the importance of utilizing roots as a vital part of our healing and future well-being. 

2:30 p.m. Elizabeth Clanton – Vibrational Medicine -Elizabeth will be talking about the healing effects of vibrational medicine

3:30 p.m. Karen Martin – Ica Stones - Karen will talk on the Ica Stones and the NADA 5 point auricular practice for anxiety, stress and all kinds of addictions.

4 p.m. Steve Citty – Center for Peace - Sounds of the Medicine Wheel. Experience the energy and sounds of the different directions and how to use them in your personal practice and ceremony.

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